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Welcome to The World - 7 inch

This is the first 7 inch ‘single’ and the second Vinyl release for Three Day Stubble. Just after mastering  Wafer of Darkness  it was noticed that there was a mistake, Welcome to the World was missing from the tracks intended for release. Oopsie! So, in 1992 when Angry Neighbor was looking an unreleased track the answer was easy! Welcome to the World made it into the world at last.

Track List

Side A

   Welcome to the World - 3:27

Side B

   Wish I Could Fly - 1:38

   Seaside Willy - 3:56


Cover by Roy T.


Donald - vocals, trumpet

Brently Joe Don Tanna- guitar

Mr. Hungry - guitar

Captain Dan Man - bass

Chillie Shibbie - beats (A+B) 

Marcus -  beats (A)

Dave Spumoni - Beats (B)

The original plan was for translucent green vinyl, but due to an error on the part of the pressing plant black vinyl was pressed. Of course, since the original order was for green, they had to press those as well.