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Nerd Rock - Eight Track

Track List

1. Beli and Bali            5:25

2. Song for Hippies    3:34

3. No Promo                6:09

4. Edna                         4:03

5. Made                         4:21

6. Ships into Port   8:19

7. Lint                            0:39

8. Into a Corner           5:30

9. Aringa                        1:04

VOCALS - Donald;

GUITARS - Brently, Wilma;

BASS - Captain Dan Man;

BEATS - Smeg, Trey

This 8-Track only release, titled "NERD ROCK", came out in 1982. It originally was packaged, along with some loose potato chips, in a plain brown paper lunch bag (the 8-Track itself was protected in a zip-lock sandwich bag). It sold for a list price of $2.86 at all the better Houston record stores including Sound Warehouse. This rare gem was re-released on Cool Beans circa 1999.

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