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Bing Bong - 7 inch

Cool Beans! This 1997 - 7 incher is one inch bigger than average (Oh my!) and was recorded at Scott Colburn’s in Seattle. Unfortunately, he is not credited on the liner notes for the use of his studio or his audio wizardry. Thank you Scott! It is interesting to note, however, that this studio ‘Ori’ is one of the few studio recordings done with Sal on drums.

Track List

Side A

    Bing Bong

Side B

    So Far (Faust)

    Son of Godzilla


Cover by Mr. Hungry

Donald - vocals, trumpet

Brently - guitar

Mr. Hungry - guitar

Murder Bob - bass

Sal Musalino - drums

YoshimiP-We - trumpet (on Son of Godzilla)

Dave Spumoni - percussion silliness

(on Son of Godzilla, but not credited in the liner notes)